Andrea Scher

Michelle is a burst of light. Wise, brave, funny… she will light your path to joy!

Andrea Scher | Superhero Life

Sue Ann Gleason

Michelle is like a breath of fresh air. From her uplifting blog posts to the remarkable advice that radiates from the pages of her Late Bloomer’s Almanac, I feel her light everywhere. This summer I decided to pull the Almanac from my internet shelf and actually USE it. August became a month of self-care in the truest sense. Good books, LOTS of sleep, and 50% LESS screen time gave me just the rejuvenation I needed to feel more replenished than ever.

Sue Ann Gleason | Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Design

Lori Weintraub

From the very first moment that I “stepped into” The Late Bloomer’s Revolution, I was entranced by its happy, whimsical tone. Michelle is an absolute delight. She is cheerful, upbeat and fun. Most of all, I enjoy her blog posts which always lift my spirits and make me smile. Her new up-and-coming e-course promises to be a wonderful experience and I am so look forward to participating!

Lori Weintraub | Anti-aging Online Esthetician

Stacey Frattinger, Rd, Chfs | Certified Integrative Health Coach

From the first moment I laid eyes on Michelle’s website, I was instantly drawn in and knew that I would be a loyal follower from that day forward! There is something about Michelle’s writing that is so inspiring and uplifting. I sometimes feel like I am watching her life play out on the big screen, and other times I feel like I’m sitting down to coffee with an old acquaintance. She has that “something”…that sparkle…and I am honored to be able to watch her bloom through her work.

Stacey Frattinger, Rd, Chfs | Certified Integrative Health Coach

Elizabeth Macleod | Author Of The Wild Woman Mystery Cards

I completely adore Michelle. Every word, every journey, every inch of her soul seeking, beauty wandering, blissful reminding is something I look forward to and en-joy. Her realness, her playful way and yet deep soul, break me into a smile every time. without fail. Without thought. Without effort. Like I said, “I adore Michelle. ADORE HER!”

Elizabeth Macleod | Author Of The Wild Woman Mystery Cards

Mary-Alice DeSpain | Michelle's Mom

Michelle is the greatest thing since Wonder Bread. I love her so much it hurts.

Mary-Alice DeSpain | Michelle’s Mom